Cancun: The place with beautiful beaches and wild nights!

Cancun is sun, white sand and blue sea, but there is more. Nowadays, it is the best place to combine holidays on the beach and leave out to the night clubs until the wee hours of the morning.

Curious data:

Do you know that Cancun was an integral of the government in 1970’s? In those days, a strong tourist political  decided to establish a city and make an international resort in Mexican Caribbean’ Sea, for that reason, Cancun is divided into two parts:

  • Isla Cancun. It is a most touristic zone. Here is the Hotel Zone, renowned because it has a shape like a “7” and is lined with exceptional beaches. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants abound to the delight of guests wishing to celebrate.


  • Cancun city center, located on the coast, has few hotels and no beach. If you want to eat, you have to leave your hotel, one of the most famous places is Mercado 28, a public market with several restaurants with terrace, offers a typical meal at affordable prices.

For visiting along these places, is best done by car. Our friends at Access Car Rental can help you. They have newer models.

The most important: Beautiful beaches

cancun2The Cancun Hotel Zone is located with beautiful beaches, and has more than thirty thousand hotel rooms. The ideal temperatures, coral reefs nearby and incomparable beauty of the turquoise waters attract many tourists every year. However, if you consider doing more than diving, you would need to get away from the Hotel Zone. Several excursions are also available, in these cases, thinking to rent a car too; driving the highways is so easy and funny.

Outing and parties!

Cancun is recognized internationally as the best place to go out to clubs and partying. You will find “Great clubs”, the most famous are Coco Bongo, Daddy-O, and The City, which has a capacity of several thousand people and offer a spectacular animation. It’s common to see Bikini contest, mimes, jacuzzi, giant screens, bubbles, balloons and circus performances.

It takes about forty dollars to enjoy a package “open bar” in these clubs. However, don’t be trusty, their capacity doesn’t guarantee you a place. Some are lined up for hours for the chance to enter, and many returning empty-handed. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to opt for a package that includes open bar and “express admission*“.

* It is a purchased ticket in advance online or in store avoiding the queue to credit for pubs.


For those who like to go out, but don’t necessarily want to dance, some bars such as Dady Rock Bar, Señor Frogs, Carlos & Charlie’s and Pat O’Briens, and others, are more traditional bars where you can spend a wonderful evening. These places often serve food during the day and a short period during the evening. You can buy an open bar for $30 dollars.

 Some tips for the bar:

  • If you want good service, you must give generous tips. Otherwise, you might have to wait a long time before receiving your consumption.
  • All places have a good security team; however you have to watch your things in any moment.
  • Consider, some clubs are really big, so if you assist with company, it is easy to get lost. Try to memorize the locations of exits and toilet, and give yourself meeting points in case you lose sight of.

Cancun is the first step in this adventure.

In the next episode: Tihosuco, a Colonial village in a modern State. 

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